What Is the Synonym of the Word Partnership

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But whatever the case, key activities need to be balanced with important partnerships. “Effective language learning is a partnership between the school, the teacher and the student”; “The action teams worked in partnership with the government” partnerships, association, partnership, alliance, cooperation, partners, Asociación, Alianza, cooperation, partners, partners, cooperative, associations, partners, concert, alliances, conjunction, CPF Williams will have only another commercial success, the Night of the Iguana in 1961, after the end of its partnership with Kazan. Soon after, he entered into a partnership with his teacher. “We want law enforcement to really get involved with mental health and stakeholders,” Woody says. The partnership includes five UN agencies led by UNICEF, the U.S. government and the private sector. She remembered Ellis` acknowledgment of the debt, the partnership proposal, and the compliment she loved. He stayed there for about three years, then entered into a partnership with a company. “We`re experimenting with delivering Snap Ads in these minis — we`ve had a similar strategy with games — it`s still early, but we`ll start there,” said Ben Schwerin, vice president of snap partnerships. After being called to the bar, Mr. Chipman accepted him into an association. His brother was director of vaudeville in association with Raymond Deslandes.

In the long term, we need a strong and mature partnership with Saudi Arabia, it is in our interest to ensure that the relationship is strong. Those times are ripe for speculation, but there hasn`t been a tie-up with Amazon`s partnership regarding Waitrose, and I wouldn`t expect there to be one either. She had brought Anna into business with her, but the burden of partnership was still on Harriet. You can search for the best election predictions in the industry every day, from OZY in collaboration with the data company 0ptimus. What about the thirty thousand dollars you got for this partnership scam? This partnership was soon concluded by the death of the former member. Even Toby used his claim to a partnership to bring about his downfall. Association of two or more people to run a business. Unlike a corporation, those who engage in a partnership are liable for debts that the corporation incurs to the full extent of its private assets, not just the amount of its investment. Good planning, partnership, intercultural dialogue and a lot of faith brought us to this moment. He.

This is an important and historic moment that celebrates the strong bond between our two nations, India and the United Kingdom share the same values and we are a partnership on an equal footing. This enduring friendship is just one of the many legacies Gandhi left behind. The Treasury agreed to re-propose the deal, then quietly extended its partnership with Comerica for five years. A washing machine is used when two or more people work in partnership. We have formed a partnership with a capital of sixty thousand dollars. This partnership lasted until the end of Mr. Hilliard`s life. In collaboration with drone company Flytrex, the mega-retailer initially plans to use drones to deliver food and household items.

The alliance, in its most common use, is a link formed by treaties between sovereign states as well as for mutual assistance in time of war. Partnership is a mercantile word; Mainly political or conjugal alliance. The coalition is most often used by political parties; Fusion is now the most common word in this sense. In an alliance between nations, there is no surrender of sovereignty and no union, except for a certain time and a certain purpose. League and Alliance are used with barely noticeable differences in meaning. In a confederation or confederation, an attempt is made to unite separate states in a general government without renouncing sovereignty. The union involves so many concessions that the different states are one. Federation is primarily a poetic and rhetorical word that expresses something of the same thought as in Tennyson`s “Federation of the World,” Locksley Hall, l. 128. The United States is neither a confederation nor an alliance; The nation could be called a federation, but prefers to be called a federal union. Most importantly, WeChat is partnering with Sogou, China`s second-largest search provider, to inject more information into WeChat`s ecosystem.

Going forward, Texas will continue to implement strong border security efforts, and this partnership will help us do everything in our power to stem the flow of illegal immigration. The nuclear power plant is the embodiment of a strategic partnership. “How happy I am that the partnership has been dissolved and that the fox is all mine,” was his first thought. A partner has the right to claim some or all of the company`s funds. a cooperative relationship between persons or groups who agree to share responsibility for achieving a particular objective Synonyms: alliance, coalition, pact, confederation, confederation, federation, federation, merger, league, trade union preposition: alliance with a neighbouring people; against the common enemy; for attack and defence; Alliance of, between or between nations. Synonyms:Chess bay, vine, winter clover (mitchella repens) members of a company created by contract Synonyms: association, connection, interest, participation a contract between two or more people who agree to pool talent and money and share profits or losses Synonyms: association, connection, society, society, common interest, cooperation, society, house.. .